1066 Waxing For Men

About Me

My name is Ricky Williams, and I am a fully trained and insured waxing therapist based in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex. I offer a relaxed, clean discreet but above all professional service in the warmth and comfort of my own home!. I cover all aspects of modern day waxing which can be seen from my “ Gentleman’s Menu “. 

Included is intimate waxing, general waxing, body trimming and grooming.

I myself get waxed on a regular basis, and personally I prefer a MALE therapist, particularly when it comes to intimate waxing, so I decided to offer this service from home, rather than a formal, “ stuffy “ and sometimes intimidating salon!

Unlike most salons, you can also benefit from having a lovely PRE WAX shower, complete with organic shower gel and fluffy towels!

Also, I work from 8 until late ( 7 days a week )  on waxing days, so no need to rush!

Male waxing is extremely popular nowadays, as it much more hygienic, and leaves the body fresh, smooth and also looking good, ( particularly if you’re a gym bunnie )!

The Products

Peron Rigot Logo

I use one of the best waxing products on the market today, and this is Perron Rigot www.perron-rigot.co.uk

These products have been specifically designed with the male market in mind, and they are not only hypo allergenic, but designed to be as gentle on the skin as possible and great for removing coarse hair.

Lets Get Started

I like to carry out a ten minute pre waxing consultation before we get started, to determine what you want and expect out of this appointment, whether it be waxed in one area, but trimmed in another. This is your time to tell me what YOU want, and if that includes a coffee or a bottle of ice cold beer while we chat,, that’s fine too! After all this is Hastings NOT Harrods!

The Gentlemens Menu

Intimate Waxing

Starts from just £20 – See the full menu


Facial Waxing

Includes nostrils, neck and ears.

Starts from just £10 – see the full menu

Upper Body

Includes arms, chest, shoulders,  back and hands.

From just £10 – see the full menu


Lower Body

Full legs, feet and toes

From just £10 – see the full menu



To include combinations such as full back legs and speedos

Prices are from just £45 – See the full menu


I also offer a shaving service of the  butt cheeks, crack and scrotum. This is less painful than waxing, BUT it doesn’t last as long as waxing, the hair can grow back prickly and there is more chance of the razor “ catching “ the skin!

£20 ( throw in a 30 minute massage ) –  £40.

Clipping & Trimming

Some guys are a little nervous of waxing which I TOTALLY understand. So, I also offer a trimming service for £35. I have small and large clippers depending where we set to work!  Many salons do NOT offer this service, but I am always happy to help!


1066 Waxing with Aloe Vera

20 minutes – £20

Longer massages ALL 100% organic oils and on request.

see the full menu


Please see my useful information guide on the appointment process, what to wear, how often should you visit and if waxing hurts!

Please contact me for an appointment